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“I help other amputees and those who wear orthotics regain their self-esteem, image and pride while helping them feel whole again”

“Feel Whole Again”

Restoring Courage, Self-Esteem and Pride For Amputees and The Disabled Worldwide.

Serving Children, Women and Men via mail order UPS and FedEx.

Innovators of Fine Art Airbrushing, and Vibrant Colors for Prosthetic Limbs, Knees, AFO, KAFO Orthopedic Braces, Cranial Helmets, and Adaptive Sports Gear.

Since 2008, we provide durable, light-weight beautiful vibrant colors and airbrushed tattoo art of professional quality, similar to what you see on cars, hot rods and motorcycles.

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Dan Horkey learned how to fabricate prosthetic sockets and braces through a position offered by Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics in Tacoma, WA. Within a week, he fabricated his own personal prosthetic socket and applied his first tattoo, thereby initiating the tattooed prosthetic concept.
“When I walked around in public, I received compliments on my flames, and it became a conversation piece,” Horkey said. “People wouldn’t ask me how I lost my leg anymore — instead they’d say, “I like your leg. It’s really cool. I knew I wanted to start a business to help the masses of amputees, including wounded warriors and veterans, and bring them a world of color and art.”

Dan Horkey calls the company end results “Prosthetic Tattoo Art” since the artwork is airbrushed, hand-brushed onto a body part, albeit artificial limb, helping Amputees and the Disabled express their own personality and interests, and the compliments from strangers restores courage, self-esteem and pride. The artwork is reflective of the person who wears it, much like someone’s tattoo, there is personal meaning, sometimes obvious in content, sometimes more covert, and of meaning only to the wearer.

We Also Customized Orthopedic AFO, KAFO Braces, Helmets and Prosthetic Knees

the Prosthetic INK Technology

Dan Horkey set out to develop the first business of its kind in the World to offer these unique service to the Amputee and Disabled Community – Patent Pending methods that are airbrushed, fine art hand-brushed, pin stripe designs and painted with automotive colors. LLC 2008-2013 © All rights reserved. Patent Pending methods and systems customizing with airbrushing designs, using automotive paints, and spray on chroming.

GTOPI Rose and tooled gold leaf on prosthesisGTOPI - Purple Heart 2 Marine

Above proudly displayed at the 75th Annual AAOS 2010-2012Wounded in Action



Entrepreneur Adds Color To Lives of Amputees

“My prosthetic hook is now a work of art and something to wear with confidence and pride. People used to look at my prosthesis and say “what a shame”, now they say “WOW! That looks AWESOME!”

- Sean McHugh from PA USA


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“I want to be pro-active and ward off any potential negative comments from the children. As his mother and biggest fan, I promised Maddox that when the time came for him to start kindergarten that he would have the ‘coolest’ orthopedic brace there ever was.
My goal is for others not to necessarily see the brace but the artwork that is on the brace. If he is to receive any attention, I want it to be positive.”
Amy Seegar, CO

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