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“I help other amputees and those who wear orthotics regain their self-esteem, image and pride while helping them feel whole again”


Helping Restore Self-esteem, Courage and Pride Removing Barriers of Disability

Innovators of Prosthetic INK technology

Our unique painted systems and fine art airbrushing became VA Approved options in 2009 for veterans’ using prosthetic limbs and orthopedic braces.

Helping Wounded Warriors and Veterans through non-profit sponsorship and donations.
Since 2008, we helped enhance the quality of lives for 12 veterans across the US, but our file is growing and is now 3″ thick Veterans we haven’t yet helped.
Our services were approved by the VA in 2009. As it stands today, most VA Hospital Do Not Participate in our Program Services. For this reason, I’m beginning to form partnerships with non-profits to help take care of financial funding for Veterans.

Would you like to help us serve more Veterans?

Donate Today and Sponsor a custom design for one of the Veterans in our File who were denied our services by their VA.
Read more about my outreach and click on Donate Button below

GTOPI Rose and tooled gold leaf on prosthesisGTOPI - Purple Heart 2 Marine


Above proudly displayed at the 75th Annual AAOS 2010-2012 Wounded In Action Exhibition

The VA Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service (PSAS) believes that Disabled American Veterans using devices such as artificial limbs or wheelchairs should have the options available to have it look as they want it to as it is such a critical part of their daily lives.

SAM Certified Vendor

Purchase Orders and Sales Awarded by VA Hospitals since 2009

Durham, NC, Indianapolis, IN, Jackson, MS, Decatur – Atlanta, GA, Baltimore, MD, Topeka, KS, Memphis, TN

Direct sales with D.O.D. Army Hospitals
Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC)
Brooke Army Medical Center San Antonio, TX (BAMC)

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Do you receive care from a Private Contractor?

Ask your Prosthetist to submit our quotation to your VAMC for approval.

Note: Provide our Government vendor S.A.M. # 024489295 to your Prosthetist.

After we receive the faxed ‘Consult Prescription’, will begin processing your request.


Entrepreneur Adds Color to the Lives of Amputees took my design and made it come to life. Normally, people are a little hesitant when they see someone wearing a prosthetic, but when people see my flame design; it’s an automatic icebreaker. It’s a huge step towards interacting with folks and letting them know I’m doing fine.”

T. Harrison – WA (Ret. Navy) Bone Cancer Survivor
First Veteran served in 2009

I chose to have a patriotic theme with our flag, a Marine Corps Emblem and my dates of service on my prosthetic to show everyone that I have served and I am very proud of it. My pride goes up every time people see it and the reaction is “OH WOW IS THAT COOL.” The work done by offers a unique one of a kind product and that is just what I wanted.

Mark Beall (Ret. USMC)

It’s funny that I used to get upset when people would stare at my prosthesis, but now with the Flash and Superman art work people will be astonished. Great company and great work. I am very pleased.

SSG Black (Ret. US Army)

Dan, I want to thank you and your guys for the outstanding work you did on my leg. Being able to sport my Vietnam Army Airborne Ranger badge and Phoenix tattoo has made me less self conscious about the leg…in the 40 years I’ve been an amputee, I’ve never worn shorts…I just went out a bought two pair.

Bob Sampson – (Ret. US Army) Airborne Ranger Vietnam

News Article June 2013 published Veterans Life

‘Port Orchard Man Helps Veterans with Prosthetic Tattoos’

Would you like to help us serve more Veterans?

Donate Today and Sponsor a custom design for one of the Veterans in our File who were denied our services by their VA.

Do you know a non-profit organization, private business or Celebrity that may be interested in partnering with Prosthetic INK?

Please reply via email with a contact name and email or simply call me.

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